9 simple ways to Weight Loss for lazy people

You know what they do? They tell us we can do the running or workout later even though we know we are never going to do that.

For some reasons, the lazy buddy wins the battle in a lot of people. It just kind of happens.

For many of us who are finding it difficult to beat hands down the lazy buddy, this guide is a complete guide that will make the lazy buddy think he’s still in control, while you are gradually taking over on weight loss.

Lazy does not mean you should shun putting in some efforts into shedding off weight.

All the listed ways to weight loss you will learn in the following paragraphs require some level of efforts.

And the bitter truth is if you are unwilling to do the least of these things, then weight loss will be very hard for you regardless of your lifestyle.


1. Reduce Sugary Treats

What got a lot of people who want to lose weight where they are now are carbs. They are so good that we train and trick our bodies into believing they need much carbs for energy, which is why you eat that cookie or grab that soda.

When it comes to laziness, a striking factor is sugar. A lot of people get hold of these sugary items when they have nothing doing simply because they are very easy to grab. They are already packaged and you just don’t have to worry about making them yourself. 

Do you want to know the problems these foods have? The issue is we consume more than enough carbs our body is capable of burning off, and what happens when the body can’t burn these carbs off? They become fat.

Taking a good look at skinny individuals who take junks and you just wonder how exactly they pull it off, I will tell you. This is because their metabolism works like flash to burn through a lot of things. 

That stopped working for me when I hit 30.

You will lose track of time when you hit your lazy mode and you won’t even know you are only flying through the candy.

After taking piece and after piece, the next thing you see is your stomach feeling like it will detach itself from your body.

This kind of feeling can be avoided; you do not really need to put yourself through that.

Without shying away from the fact, I know the laziness has become part of you already, however, it’s crucial to concentrate on how much you put into your body.

It’s not necessary that you completely cut off the sugar, but you should put a limit on how you consume sugar if you want to see changes in your life. 

You don’t have to crave every time, and if you want that piece of cake badly, eat it. However, try to stop with one; don’t be tempted to take another piece. 

Reduce your sugar intake gradually and you will get to a point where you do not need to take a piece of candy every day.

My weight was over 200lbs when I was 30 years. It was annoying, frustrating and since I’m a computer nerd, I enjoy sitting at my desk to work. I knew I would not build muscle or burn fat through exercising.  Here‘s what I did, I made a note of all the bad carbs I was taking and I cut them off.

I shook off 3lbs in just three days. Not a biggie but it sent the right signal.

2. Eat With Small Plates

It can be tempting to eat to your satisfaction when you are eating lunch or dinner or any meal. And the thing is since we do not want to wake in the middle of the night looking for what to eat; we are likely going to fill up the plate with food. To put an end to this, try as much as possible to use smaller plates.

What this does is it helps you take a small quantity of food. And since you take small quantity, it means fewer calories and in general, this will translate to eating less food.


In addition, what your mind will process is you already had a full stomach when you look at the plate.

Your stomach will react when you behold the food reducing in your plate, which will look like you have consumed a full plate. Well, somehow you did it’s just that the quantity is way smaller. 

When you eat with small plate your psychological outlook concerning the food you are about to eat changes. On top of that, eating with small plate will help you lose weight in a lazy way. 

Some people have this philosophy that in as much you consume the right thing, you are at liberty to consume as much as you feel like. Well, that may be true; however, you can’t consume 14, 000 calories per day and expect not to gain weight. 

3. Clean Your Teeth

It’s not like you truly need the extra food, it’s just something that is there for convenience, but it’s an easy trap to fall into. Try as much as possible to avoid the temptation of dessert after a meal. 

Nobody wants to brush their teeth multiples time after a dinner. It feels like it’s a difficult thing to do most especially those who are considered lazy; however, it’s something that does not really take much time. 

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